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>>> UNIGIS is a worldwide network of universities offering postgraduate education for GIS&T professionals by distance learning. The programme is focussed on life-long learning, supporting part-time study by in-service professionals as well as everybody pursuing a career in Geoinformatics through continuing education.

>>> The ACA*GIScience Centre in Bishkek is serving as a regional study centre for Central Asia. Through this centre at KSUCTA students can access the entire UNIGIS distance learning programme including postgraduate degrees and diplomas awarded by the University of Salzburg, Austria.

>>> Study materials and media, as well as instruction, are in English language. Support and tutoring are available in Russian language. The study centre is led by highly qualified faculty holding international degrees in Geoinformatics, Geodesy and Geography.

>>> The curriculum is structured as learning modules, taking 6-8 weeks of work each. Module topics cover e.g. Spatial Data Models, Databases, Spatial Statistics, GIS Analysis, Visualisation and Cartography, Application Development and Project Management; plus elective subjects like Remote Sensing, various GIS Application Domains, advanced topics etc.

>>> UNIGIS qualifications are offered as a Masters degree (2-3 years of study) or a professional Diploma (1-1.5 years). Both are full distance learning programs with written examination. Attendance of at least one residential workshop per year is required.