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ACA*GISc has been founded in 2008 by:


Eurasia-Pacific Uninet - sponsor of centre resources and gateway to member institutions. 


KSUCTA - the centre's host institution providing local resources and an academic framework.



Z_GIS - the key knowledge partner in GIScience and link to the world of GIS. 

ACA*GISc cooperates with and receives support from leading institutions in academia, the GIS industry and public administration:


GIS Development is serving as a worldwide media partner and is communicating news from ACA*GISc and from across the region.

SAFE Software generously supports the centre with software and training resources.


Membership in ACA*GIScience


The Austria-Central Asia Centre for GIScience (ACA*GIScience) has been founded in 2008 by the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, the Kyrgyz State University for Construction, Transportation and Architecture, and the Centre for Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg. ACA*GIScience is currently hosted at KSUCTA, Bishkek.

ACA*GIScience is offering membership to suitable institutional partners, in order to strengthen the Centre as a focal point for the Central Asia thematic network in GIS and GIScience, to support its mission and aims, and to broaden its outreach.
Potential members:
- Universities within CA and Austria with interest in GI and related technologies and applications
- National agencies (like NMAs) and international organisations operating in CA interested in GI
- Non-governmental organizations operating in CA interested in GI
Currently only institutional membership is considered, membership for companies likely will be feasible in the future.
- Upon written application by a candidate institution, admission is decided by the constituent (founding) members of ACA*GIScience. These are represented in the ACA*GIScience board of directors: Akylbek Chymyrov and N.N. from KSUCTA, Brigitte Winklehner from EPU, Josef Strobl from Z_GIS.
- The application document shall contain full information about the applicant organization, its legal status and representative, and a designated contact person including all contact details. Furthermore, motivation of the application shall be conveyed, detailing the importance of GIS in the applicant’s organization and the specific aims to be pursued through membership in ACA*GIScience.
Membership obligations:
- Annual (per calendar year or parts thereof) fee supporting the activities of ACA*GIScience,
   - This fee currently is waived for EPU members; non-CA EPU members are invited to voluntarily contribute the fee.
   - Eur 300 for international members outside CA
   - Eur 100 for members from CA
   - Supporting members: at least double the current fee
   - Fees are due within one month after receiving an invoice for the applicable amount.
- Membership is automatically renewed for another calendar year if no written notice of termination is received by the end of November.
- Contributing to ACA*GIScience activities and publications.
Membership benefits:
- Delegate one voting member to the advisory board.
- Direct involvement in flow of information and setting the direction of ACA*GIScience.
- Mention and link on website.
- One free delegate registration at annual GISCA conference (for all dues paying members).
- Discounted participation (-10%) in courses publicly offered by ACA*GIScience.
- Discounted UNIGIS participation (-5%) for employees of CA member institutions.