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On-Place Scholarship Competition 

The Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU) is soliciting applications for an On-Place Scholarship at the Austria-Central Asia Centre for Geographic Information Science (www.aca-giscience.org) in Bishkek. This scholarship will be awarded for one year with a renewal option after a positive evaluation of progress for one more year. Successful applicants will be awarded a maximum amount of Euro 1500.- from which a workplace and a monthly stipend will be covered. The UNIGIS studies part of the scholarship is supported by the Salzburg University Centre for Geoinformatics and facilitates participation in the UNIGIS online learning MSc programme, therefore applicants need to fulfil admission requirements (see www.unigis.net/bishkek).

Applicants need to request an application form, and submit this with a full CV, a detailed letter of motivation focussing on background and interests in Geographic Information Systems and a letter of support by an academic supervisor or teacher (contact details for this person should be provided as  the selection panel likely will contact these referees) familiar with the applicant´s academic record to Prof Josef Strobl (email josef.strobl@sbg.ac.at) until August 15, 2009.

This scholarship will provide the opportunity to actively participate in GIS project and organisational work at ACA*GIScience, and offer access to the UNIGIS MSc distance learning programme from which we expect you to graduate within approx. 2 years.

  • This means that we expect a committment for a minimum of 2 years fulltime involvement at the Centre. 
  • Applicants should not plan to combine the scholarship with other major jobs or degree programmes.
  • The study programme requires solid skills in English language (predominantly reading comprehension and discussion), all study materials are in English language.

Applicants are expected to be available for a personal interview in English language in Bishkek in the week of August 24th (most likely 27th afternoon). Scholarships will start between September 1 and November 1, 2009.