GISCA'09 Committees
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Prof.Dr. A.A. Abdykalykov (Chair) - Rector KSUCTA
Prof.Dr. B. Winklehner – President, Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (Austria)
Prof.Dr. A.V. Simonov – Head of Department , State Research Institute on Information Technologies and Telecommunications-INFORMIKA (Russia)
Prof.Dr. Kerimbay Nurzhan - Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)
Dr. Sh. Payzieva – Docent, Informatics department, Tashkent State Agrarian University (Uzbekistan)
Ms. Z. Qodirova – Lecturer, Land Management Department, Tadjik Agrarian University (Tajikistan)
Prof.Dr. K.S. Sydykov – First Vice-rector KSUCTA
Prof.Dr. B.T. Ukuev - Director INIT KSUCTA
Prof.Dr. K.T. Temikeev - Director ICEM KSUCTA
Akjol Djenaliev,MSc - Director of International Office KSUCTA


Prof.Dr. Josef Strobl (Co-chair) - Director Z_GIS, Salzburg University (Austria)
Prof.Dr. E.K. Boronbaev
- Vice-rector KSUCTA
Prof.Dr. R.S. Kartanbaev
- Vice-rector KSUCTA
Prof. A. Smith
- Geodesy and GeoInformatics Department KSUCTA (New Zealand)
Dr. A.B. Nazarkulova
- Docent, Geodesy and GeoInformatics Department KSUCTA
Dr. A.U. Chymyrov (Secretary) - Head of Geodesy and GeoInformatics Department KSUCTA