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In 2005, a first major regional conference was organised at KSUCTA with support from Eurasia-Pacific Uninet as GISCA'05. This was followed in the fall of 2007 by ICCG 2007, the International Conference on Geodesy and Geoinformatics marking the successful completion of the Tempus Project JEP-25129-2004.

The landmark GISCA'08 was organized to coincide with the formal opening of ACA*GISc and will be followed by further regional conferences in coming years.

Beyond conferences, the Centre is offering training courses and seminars for topics within the GIScience domain and is planning awareness events as well as international cooperations for dedicated topical seminars.

Mark your calendars: GISCA'09 together with several workshops and topical seminars is planned for the last week of August 2009!