UNIGIS Admission and Fees

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Based on a written application stating motivation and including a full CV. For UNIGIS MSc a first degree in a relevant discipline is required, for UNIGIS professional a general university entrance qualification or diploma. Documented professional practice is desirable.


Enquiries and applications should be directed to the UNIGIS Study Centre at the contact details stated below. Intakes typically start in fall of each year, it is strongly recommended to apply no later than July. Qualified applicants are accepted in sequence of application date.

Study Fee:

The overall fee covering all costs with the exception of travel to and accommodation during workshops at the study centre is Eur 3000.- (or 2 * 1700.- when paid in two instalments) for the UNIGIS MSc programme, and 1700.- for the UNIGIS professional diploma. Fees have to be paid in advance based on an invoice issued after admission.